Welcome to The Little Ice Rink
at Alameda's South Shore Center!




We know you all had a blast at last year's Little Ice Rink, so Perforce, South Shore Center and Ice-America are bringing it back for a third year at South Shore Center! What could be better than a skating rink in a central location with all necessities a few feet away? South Shore Center will be providing several fun holiday activities along with the ice rink. This year we are excited to announce that Panera Bread will be serving coffee, hot chocolate and cookies on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 

With 4,100 square feet of ice skating bliss, this little ice rink has plenty of chill for every level of skill. If you don't feel comfortable with just the skates, Ice America offers a "Bobby" which helps you balance!

And big shout out to these fine folk who helped make and keep the ice frozen!

Interested in becoming a Little Ice Rink Sponsor? Reach out to Courtney at courtney.halip@jamestownlp.com for more information!